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A Freedom Movement 2019, The Exhibition.

Date: 01 May 2019

Introducing Michelle Beatty, Creative in Residence at Leman Locke, and her new photographic series A Freedom Movement 2019. Exhibit open from 10th May 

Michelle is an Australian born Londoner who has spent a creative lifetime moving seamlessly from the carnival of catwalks and high fashion showrooms, to the subtle backdrops of fine art photography - landscapes, architecture and foreign, far-off lands. For the first time, Michelle has created a body of work that straddles these two parallel career tracks, and the contrasting sides of herself. 

2. Intuition, 2018. Fine Art Print on Hahnemuhle Paper. 88.9cm x 63cm


Leman Locke is proud to present her newest photographic series, where three talented subjects with backgrounds in ballet, modelling and choreography are captured in the prime of their lives; embodying strength, wisdom, and feminine beauty. The subjects are offset by strong skies, powerful waves and brooding clouds. The photography exhibition runs across all 22 floors of the East London lifestyle hotel, open to the public from 10th May until 31st July.

3. Anonymity, 2018. Fine Art Print on Hahnemuhle Paper. 88.9cm x 63cm

These 26 pieces will be exhibited across each floor of the lifestyle hotel in Aldgate East.  They will be accompanied by a short moving vignette of dancer Anna Engerström, as she conducts a series of improvised movements and rhythms while shooting, revealing the openness of connection between the photographer and her muse.


1. Surrender, 2016. Fine Art Print on Hahnemuhle Paper. 88.9cm x 63cm



Creative in Residence at Leman Locke is a platform that supports emerging artists, across any discipline. The programme offers artists creative freedom to experiment and develop new work. They are encouraged to develop their practice and to draw on the resources of the hotel for inspiration. Leman Locke offers a place for you to meet the creatives, see how they work and gain a unique insight into the process of design, from concept to delivery.


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