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Antonio Eugenio: Picturing the new code of beauty in the male fashion industry.

Date: 28 Nov 2017

During London Fashion Week Men's January 2018 Leman Locke presents London-based photographer, Antonio Eugenio.

By setting up an exhibition around the theme of the new code of beauty in youth male, its diversity and identity in a current context of political divorcement, Antonio wants to use art as an important tool of visualizing the idea of freedom in mind and unity in the idea of uniqueness. Pictures are a transporter of cultural codes and have an origin of the place where they come from.

Antonio Eugenio Image Luke

Antonio Eugenio Ben

The exhibition will remark a situation of ongoing procedures that question our daily life. Especially the daily life of the youth which has to face the future in a world between acceleration and still stand.

In this unpublished body of work, Antonio Eugenio captured in his lens volatile, unpredictable and vulnerable faces, ought to be authentic in an artificial surrounding. Precisely here the photos seem to question and confirm this at the same time by a perfect set up in lights and staging.

Antonio Eugenio William

Antonio Eugenio Daniel  

The portraits showcase the dreaming male and how the vision on male beauty changed in the fashion industry. 

On display from the 6th of January, guests of Leman Locke can views portraits  from the series on each floor of the aparthotel.

For any inquiries or if you would like to purchase a portrait please contact hello@lockeliving.com.


About the photographer 

Antonio Eugenio is a London-based photographer, born and raised in Belgium. Eugenio wants to retain a tender, breathy intimacy in his images. Enraptured by those who dare to express their differences as loudly as they please, his portraits often capture a frank vulnerability and brazen sexuality. From looks to the skin, touching to style, Antonio finds beauty in those completely intransigent individuals that life rarely breeds. In his words, Whether we are talking about tattoos, style or faces: to my eyes, beauty lies in the uniqueness of things.