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Frank Ocean at Lovebox

Date: 17 Jul 2017

This past weekend music fans gathered to watch the illusive Frank Ocean perform at Lovebox in east London's Victoria Park.

This was no regular show, with his band gathered together for a recording session letting spectators into an intimate listening of his understated vocal ability and music.

Ocean was also joined by acclaimed film director Spike Jonze to record the entirety of the Friday headliner.

Jonze, who seemed to be tracking the singer with a handheld camera while onstage for songs including, is best known for his movies Being John Malkovich and Where the Wild Things Are..

The stage turned into the platform that Frank performed on for the whole set. His voice was incredible, the night was warm and clear and the audience were sweet and sharing with one another. It was pure magic. 

Playing his most recent singles "Biking", "Solo" and "Lens" the split focal points between the screens on stage and the distant figure of Frank on the platform start to give you the overwhelming feeling that you're watching a piece of cinema serenaded by Ocean.

Frank's performance, which came after he previously appeared at Manchester's Parklife Festival, was the first time he had performed in London since appearing at Wireless Festival in 2013.