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James Wise - Treves & Hyde's Head of Coffee

Date: 18 Apr 2017

What makes a coffee master? Creativity, passion, skill, knowledge and personality.

Twenty baristas from around the world competed this April to take the title of Original Coffee Master. We catch up with the winner James Wise to discuss the competition, the state of coffee in London, and what’s next for the Head of Coffee at Treves & Hyde.

Tell us about the Coffee Masters competition and how it came about?

Coffee Masters is a competition that encompasses everything an industry professional does on a near enough daily basis & makes it competitive: professionalism, palate, speed & creativity are all called into play while competing over 3 days on stage.

What differentiates it from other competitions?

This is a competition that covers all the bases, the other competitions are very specific about what disciplines are judged for instance: Cup Tasters or Brewers Cup.

Other than Treves & Hyde, Where are you drinking coffee in London these days?

Anywhere that serves a good cup, variety is the spice of life. Prufrock, Story & Second Shot to name a few. 

Is there anything that you think the specialty coffee industry in London is missing? 

One of the things I enjoy about the coffee industry specifically within London (but by no means exclusively) is the variety & creativity. Cafés don't have a definition,  the staff create a personality for the shop.  

Where do you see the industry headed? What does it look like to you in ten years' time?  

There is a lot to say about this but put simply unrecognizable.


Try a fresh brew from the original master barista, James Wise, at Treves & Hyde located on the ground floor of Leman Locke. 

Find out more: trevesandhyde.com