Are You Remotely Creative?

Date: 22 May 2018

The first thing a startup or a freelancer needs is a quality coffee fix... after that, the environment needs to be a place where they can get down to work without worrying about being kicked out.

We've collected the best bar and cafes for freelancers in London so you can get your work done in stylish surrounds. 

The Barbican Library

The Barbican Library is a vibrant public library located at the heart of one of our favourite London spots - The Barbican Centre. Of course, they’ve got Free Wi-Fi and also computers with internet access.

When you are done with your essays or finished the all-important deadline, it is also useful to know that they do various art-related events that you may want to attend. Membership is available for those who live, work or study in the City of London.

The Book Club, Shoreditch

The Book Club in Shoreditch fuses creative events & late night eating and drinking. DJs, live music, breakfast, brunch, exhibitions & cocktails.

Breakfast starts at 8am meaning pre-office meetings are more than definitely on the cards. Plenty of hotties rock up and get a table for two to share with their laptops, and informative talks and life drawing lessons kick the brain into action.

Look Mom No Hands

Coffee shop wise we have to recommend ‘Look Mum No Hands’ on Mare Street in Hackney. It’s a spacious café with a lot of differently sized tables, including a couple of long communal ones, so you can choose to work alongside other eager typing folk if you fancy. They have a lot of different teas, a ridiculous spread of cakes, brownies and muffins, and the typical East London appearance of various locally brewed and craft beers when you need an extra push to get through your work.

Martello Hall

If you’re lucky to be one of the rising digital nomads — the artsy and happy crew whose work allows the flexibility to login where you want, when you want — then East London’s Martello Hall has your name all over it. Martello Hall Hackney London Bar Restaurant Set over three floors in Hackney, Martello Hall offers hot-desking and coffee by day, pizza and cocktails by night. The entertainment offered is in the form of emerging London DJs and live bands in addition to soulful tuneage come cocktail hour.

Barber and Parlour

Shoreditch house without the membership, close to the Brick Lane scene, Barber and Parlour is ideal for those in need of holing up with their laptop for a few hours. The open kitchen serves lots of delicious things on toast, and a particularly strong selection of healthy brain food – millet, avocado, spinach and soft boiled egg is a protein powerhouse of a breakfast. Need a quick tidy-up before the next meeting? Get a quick trim in the on-site grooming parlours.


With branches in Seven Dials and Covent Garden, this central option is especially geared towards nomadic worker types, with plenty of ‘electrical juice’ among the comfy armchairs and tables fashioned from stacked vintage suitcases. The simple menu is based around seasonal soups and salads, prioritising local independent producers – think breads from Seven Seeded, brews from Waterloo Teas, and quiches and tarts.