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Touch the Sky

Date: 18 Jan 2017

Kanye’s ‘Touch the Sky’ may not have specifically been referring to us, but we happen to think it applies pretty well.

We’ve coined the term Top of the Locke because we believe our Sky Studios – the rooms on the highest floors of our Leman Street abode – boast some of the most expansive views in London.

And it helps that we provide you with a comprehensive welcome box (or initiation kit, if you will) with a few items that won’t do for those having a dry January… In addition to your complimentary gin and Fever Tree tonic (a welcome change from most hotels only offering the cheap crap for free), we would also recommend chowing down on the Doisy & Dam superfood chocolate bar.



Panoramas and alcohol aside, the apartments are kitted out with everything you need to settle in and maintain your daily routine. Appealing to the discerning traveller’s craving for both aesthetic and function, the studios are a home away from home – but with a twist.

Whether you like to imagine yourself as a chef or a yoga guru, there’s the room and facilities to indulge yourself. Our fully-fitted kitchens are designed to give you a little push in the right direction, with stylish Smeg appliances, Hemsley & Hemsley cookbooks and all the utensils at your disposal.


Let’s also not forget that there is ample room to lounge on our bespoke pink sofa which provides a platform for the ultimate couch surfing experience. Our signature sofa, which is the centrepiece of every room, was exclusively designed by New York architects Grzywinski + Pons, like most of the furniture in the Sky Studios.

The studios themselves range in size from 29.9sqm to 33.3sqm so our guests are furnished with the freedom of space to host, lounge, work, unwind, partake in an-room massage, hair treatment, yoga course or simply admire the view – all of which are rare in London. Whether it’s a trip for business or pleasure we’ve made sure that our rooms are as far away from shoeboxes as you can imagine.

Our Sky Studios have expansive modern bathrooms featuring an indulgent deluge shower, bespoke Locke bathrobes and bespoke Kinsey Apothecary toiletries (we’d recommend the Himalayan Hibiscus Body Cleanse).

From a tech standpoint, we recognise that there’s no point having all of the above if you can’t gram about it J.   Every studio has complimentary ultrafast Wi-Fi, a large Samsung Smart TV, Apple TV, HDMI port and numerous USB power ports to make sure your millennial technological needs are catered for.

Non-tech essentials include a hair dryer, ironing board, a Nutribullet (to facilitate your own bulletproof coffee), the Locke yoga mat, marble dining table and most importantly floor to ceiling windows with bespoke Locke black-out blinds (Velcro-overlap) so you can catch up on your beauty sleep. 

Locke Sky Guests will also be given flexible check in / check out times – so if that meeting runs over, or if you’re simply too engrossed in admiring the view, we’ve got your back.