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TRX Moves To Challenge Your Whole Body

Date: 18 Jul 2016



All we hear about lately is – “how fun is the TRX!?”

“The what?” You must be saying… but don’t worry, this isn’t some sort of HTML code or a dinosaur name if that’s what you’re thinking.

It’s the new(ish) kid on the block when it comes to gym equipment. We feel it's time to ditch the dumbbells, kick the kettlebells, and forget about those weight-training machines. OK, maybe not permanently, but at least long enough to add something fresh to the fitness routine.

Should I ride it? Hold it? Lift it? Hang from it? Lean into it or away from it?

We’ve all gone through these questions and found ourselves staring curiously at it wondering what TRX actually does or how to even use that little black and yellow sadomasochistic looking strap-like device.

The opportunities are endless and this is why they are part of our Gym equipment at Locke.  There’s a whole host of exercises and activities you can do with TRX, making it an essential piece of kit for anyone who’s looking to work on their core, improve cardio fitness or build strength.


Why do we love it?

Well, let’s say that one of its greatest qualities is that it can be used for all levels of fitness, from beginners all the way to advanced. Yes, that’s correct; even if it’s your first time wearing your sport gear to actually do sport, the beginner friendly strap keeps you in control as it uses your own body weight to provide the resistance, and a shift of body angle or stance can lessen or increase that resistance.


Izabel Goulart may be known as one of the most famous Brazilian models in the world and as a former Victoria's Secret Angel, but we're just as enamoured with the model's intense workout regimen. the model's inspiring exercise pics and videos serve as the ultimate source of fitness inspiration (those abs!).

Whether it’s lunges, planks or upper body resistance exercises; if you’re one of those who stays outside the status quo, the TRX is for you. Your workouts can change as many times as you want them to, providing an effective way to integrate rotational movements into training, with the ability to layer complexity to suit your goal.

If you’re up for the challenge, here’s a selection of our favourite TRX exercises from some of our favourite sport gurus.