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An ode to love: Nik Southern's Romance Suite

Date: 24 Oct 2019

To bring to life the UK's first collection of living hotel suites, a partnership between The Joy of Plants and Leman Locke, three green-fingered experts were appointed to bring their own unique and creative flair to the rooms.

Room 2: The Romance Suite, was conceptualised by Nik Southern - founder of Hackney's popular florist Grace & Thorn.

Find out what you can expect from a stay in this suite, and get Nik's tips for keeping your houseplants alive. 


This heady romantic respite is a shrine to sensuality. Guests in the Romance Suite will be wowed by the bed’s botanical canopy, an ode to intimacy that cocoons couples in a lush green blend of cascading plants. Guests can enjoy the sensual sounds and visuals of the natural botanical world to excite the senses, whilst enjoying an exclusive love-boosting cocktail.  

Plant ASMR

Tune into the dedicated ASMR plant channel on your smart TV, that showcases the aliveness and sensuality of various plants. To show you that there’s a plant for every mood, there are three plant channels that play on a loop on with gentle, sensual audio to match.

Aphrodisiac Cocktails

Start the night as you mean to go on with two specially created, plant-inspired aphrodisiac cocktails to enjoy as a welcome treat at the downstairs Treves & Hyde bar.



Spot any of these signs? Here's how to give your plants the TLC they need.

Wobbly bits 

If you notice a dead, bitten or scorched leaf, your best bet is to just cut it off. Leaving these lingering can leave your plant susceptible to disease.

Leaves turn yellow 

Don't worry if the odd lower leaf turns yellow - it's normal. However, if lots of leaves do this, it's time to cut back on the watering. Make sure the roots are try before you give your plant another drink.

Ends of leaves turn brown

There's mixed causes for this so a little testing may be required. You're may be under-watering or over-watering, so see how your plant fares with more or less water. Your plant could be too hot, or too dry - so try movubg them away from any direct sources of heat, and get the sprayer out. 

Slow growth 

Plants need light to grow, and yours isn't getting enough. Move it somewhere with a god amount of indirect sunlight.

Leaves Chewed 

Time to call pest control... move your plant away from others so they don't suffer the same fate, identify what kind of teeth marks you can see, and then look online for the best non-toxic pest solutions.


Nik Southern founded Grace & Thorn in 2011, opening her studio onto East London’s Kingsland road and was at the forefront in leading the London green revolution, she launched the hashtag #greenupyourgaff and her shop became one of the first plants shops in London, a destination store, crammed full of plants and beautiful flowers. She has become synonymous as the florist to go to for plant focussed installations.

Grace & Thorn are known for playing with unique combinations of textures and patterns so no two of her creations are ever the same. An asymmetrical style, play with colour and textures, focus on foliage and plants G&T have attracted a cult following across London. Nik’s first book, How Not To Kill Your Plants, was released in 2017.

Website graceandthorn.com | Instagram @graceandthorn | Twitter @graceandthorn | Facebook @Graceandthorn


Rooms are bookable for stays until 10 November 2019. To book your stay, email thejoyofplants@lockeliving.com. All reservations made directly via the email will automatically receive a 15% discount on our standard flexible rates.