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Anti-Green Drinks – what you should be drinking

Date: 04 Jan 2017

What is an “anti-green drink”? 

You won’t find the definition in Wikipedia. From our perspective, if you are going to punish your body, make sure that it’s worth it. In summary, an anti-green drink is something that should be unhealthy but ideally tasty and debaucherous. 

Although a cold pressed juice or a matcha tea almond milk latte may make you feel virtuous, there’s a time and place for everything. On a Friday evening after a long work week, we would suggest you let your hair down and have a craft beer, cocktail or a G&T. If you take our advice and take a walk on the wild side, here are a few suggestions:

Kernel Pale Ales

This Bermondsey Brewery is hard to beat when it comes to pale ales, and you’ll find a craft beer for every taste hinted by brown paper labels. Choose the flavours of mosaic centennial and ella hops with The Kernel Table Beer or ramp it up with Cascade Citra Simcoe for a slightly bitter note.


London Smoke at The Five Points Brewing Co

You may recognise the taste of London Smoke, as it was originally created as a collaboration with BrewDog (but don’t hold that against it) under the name Smoke & Mirrors. The dark chocolate and tobacco flavours will hit the spot. And if that doesn't, the ABV will.


Gamma Ray at Beavertown

It’s hard not to be seduced by the can when it comes to Beavertown, as the comic-strip style psyches you up for something like Lilt, as opposed to an adult beverage. But kiddie cola this is not. Opt for the subtle hint of grapefruit and mango, or the whole leaf American hops that’ll get you right between the eyes.


Dream Bags Jaguar Shoes, Shoreditch

East London has no shortage of ways to drink gin, but we bet you’ve never had it like this before. You’ll feel like you’ve stepped into the mind of Andy Warhol at Dream Bags Jaguar Shoes in Shoreditch, but things are about to get more surreal. Necking a drink designed to look like detergent seems counterintuitive, but it’s oh so good.

Dream Bags Jaguar Shoes is at 32-34 Kingsland Road

Gin & Shampoo at Supernatural Spitalfields Cocktail Bar

To really get one in the eye of green drinks, head to this pop-up at Spitalfields Market, a juice bar by day, a purveyor of cocktails by night. Let out your rebellious side with a potent glass of I Fought The Law. You better be quick, as this is one pop-up that’s only sticking around until the end of 2016.

Find Supernatural Spitalfields Cocktail Bar in Horner Square @sprntrluk

White Lyan

Step to the front of a cocktail bar that doesn’t use ice, fruit or any branded products to make its drinks. That’s right, White Lyan broke the mould when it burst onto the scene and boy, is it refreshing. Order the Moby Dick Sazerac, whose ingredients include absinthe-soaked rice paper and ambergris, a substance secreted by whales.

White Lyan is at 153-155 Hoxton Street @whitelyan 


You could always start your evening off in our very own Hyde. But be warned, the selection of craft ales, artisan spirits and innovative cocktails could mean that you don’t make it beyond the Locke premises. And at the end of the night, it’s Leman Locke you can conveniently return to. The next morning, get back to being virtuous with a cold pressed juice and paleo granola at Hyde. And if that doesn’t hit the spot, then bulletproof coffee certainly will.

Hyde is located within our very own Leman Locke apartments at 15 Leman Street @trevesandhyde