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The Silent City

Date: 28 Mar 2017

Setting your alarm for 4am, walking the streets with the cold morning air hitting your face as you step into the late of night, may not sound like an appealing way to start the day, but shooting East London at dawn is one of the most exciting and exhilarating experiences we think you can have.

Anthony Epes is a Californian photographer based in London. He is currently photographing some of the world’s most beautiful and interesting cities for his book series on Cities at Dawn. Leman Locke is very excited to have collaborated with Anthony in the commission of his first book, East London at Dawn – available exclusively at the Locke Shop and for our guests to enjoy in all of our studios and suites.

“Although I’ve been photographing East London for many years now, I always discover something new when I’m out. It is the contrast to the normally busy throb of street life in East London that makes it such a mesmerising place to photograph in those empty hours at dawn”, says Anthony.

Growing up in Greece, Maine and California - Epes has always had an interest in nature and its hypnotic beauty. Having received a double major at Brooks Institute in California he followed this with a four year period of learning and experimentation in Los Angeles. Assisting and printing he was able to learn his craft inside out.


“What I love most about East London is the architecture, the feeling of history and the street art. I love that the streets are like these big open art galleries available to everyone as a little piece of creativity to get involved in, or just pass by.”

Anthony connects us to the atmosphere of sunrise in the city and takes us on a unique exploration of the places in East London that fascinate him. From the stark brutalist architecture of the Balfour Tower, to the run- down Leaside area of Hackney Wick, to the vibrant edgy street art that appears and disappears at random, to the imprint of new communities, foods and cultures that make up this ever-changing part of London.

East London at Dawn can be purchased exclusively at the Leman Locke Shop for £35.