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Michael Perry brings the forest-bathing concept indoors in the Tranquil Suite

Date: 05 Nov 2019

To bring to life the UK's first collection of living hotel suites, a partnership between The Joy of Plants and Leman Locke, three green-fingered experts were appointed to bring their own unique and creative flair to the rooms.

Room 3: The Tranquil Suite was crafted by Michael Perry, better known as 'Mr Plant Geek', a self-proclaimed plant obsessive and award-winning plant commentator.

Get the background from Michael on the concepts behind the Tranquil Suite, the calming properties of the room's signature plants, and his tips for creating an indoor forest-bathing experience in your own home. 


The tranquil indoor jungle is packed with tropical plants, creating an oasis of calm in the city to give lucky guests a forest-bathing experience without having to leave London - or even the comfort of their apartment. Michael took inspiration from the restorative use of houseplants across the world, particularly in Asia. The design is heavily inpired by the Japenese concept of forest-bathing, Shinrin Yoku, a scientifically-backed idea that the forest atmosphere has calming, rejuvenating and restorative medicinal benefits. Bringing the concept into an enclosed indoor environment, using houseplants such as the philodendron xanadu and a variety of monsteras from deliciosa to obliqua, the suite was crafted to harnesses the relaxing power of plants. It features a fully immersive plant-bathing experience in the bathroom, a living lounge and a clean sleep zone.

Plant bathing 

The innovative 'spathroom' offers literal plant-bathing experience, with Mr Plant Geek's aim to create the feeling of being completely surrounded by plant life - despite the limitation of not being able to permanently fix anything to the walls. On the lift wall, a series of suction pots helped to create this effect, using calming shades of ferns, including helxine and fittonia and colour-popping bromeliads. On the right side, a cubic 'living wall' features varying sizes and shades of green potted ferns, affixed into the shelving unit to create some standout jungle vibes. There's also a eucalyptus shower in the bath, complete with hanging jellyfish tillandsia (air plants), to nourish the body and mind with aromatherapy once steam activates essential oils in the plant.

The living lounge 

This aesthetic, highly photogenic chill out zone features a specially commissioned moss rug, that guests can walk and relax on to feel the outdoors beneath their feet, in the comfort and warmth of their home from home. The lounge opens onto the kitchen area, which includes a botanical foraging area, where guests can make their own cocktails or herbal tea.

The 'clean sleep' zone 

Plants used in the bedroom were chosen for their good fortune and preferential qualities in the Chinese practice of Feng Shui, with signatures including the distinctively recognisable Cheese Plant (Monstera deliciosa), tropically coloured Bromeliads (bromeliceae), and a row of Peace Lilies (spathiphyllum), each helping to purify the air and encourage deep, restful sleep.



Use suction pots 

These allow you to easily hang plants from wall surfaces without the need for fixings, are incredibly versatile, and help soften the wallscape.

Add purifying rainforest plants to your bathroom 

Bromeliads are used to rainforest environments and so thrive in humid bathroom environments. Ferns are also an excellent choice for low-light level rooms, and grow lights are another good option for bathrooms with no natural light. Avoid dry-favouring plants such as cacti and succulents.

Find a quiet plant-filled spot to meditate 

Surround yourself with your favourite houseplants in a quiet spot, then pop on a playlist with natural sounds of the forest to bring the experience to life. You can add an aroma diffuse to further immerse your senses.



Michael Perry is an award-winning plant commentator and self-confessed plant geek who is well-known from his work on TV, with appearances on BBC, ITV and QVC. As a regular at the RHS shows, he has toured Hampton Court, Tatton Park and the Urban Garden show with his Weird and Wacky plants show. Michael has also been responsible for introducing hundreds of new plants into the UK including novelties such as the ‘Egg and Chips’ plant and the Fuchsia Berry.

Website mrplantgeek.com | Instagram @mr_plantgeek | Twitter @mr_plantgeek | Facebook @mrplantgeek



Rooms are bookable for stays until 10 November 2019 via thejoyofplants@lockeliving.com. All reservations made directly via the email will automatically receive a 15% discount on our standard flexible rates. There's still a few final spots left - but otherwise you can use these tips to recreate the experience at home.