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"More money is good but more creative money is better" - The Yuccie Generation -

Date: 29 Jul 2016

A cup of organic coffee in the morning, a ride to work on a single-speed bike that then spends its day propped up against a graffiti wall while in the office, a healthy smoothie for breakfast and a craft beer after work are tell-tale signs that you may be a “Yuccie”.


This odd word (sounds like a morning after drinking 5 bottles of wine) isn’t even recognised by Microsoft Word but the Google trendsetters did a good job of not trying to question our grammar skills by putting a squiggly red line under this word on a Google doc.  The chances are that a good percentage of “Yuccies” are creating something impressive at Google's quirky London headquarters while you are reading this blog.

The Young Urban Creative or Yuccie term defined by David Infante on Mashable refers to a new breed of individuals emerging from what was once the birth place of hipsters: New York, London, etc.  The Yuccie is in some ways like the Hipster but in other ways different – some would say evolved.


These creative renegades tend to live in gentrified neighbourhoods like East London or Brooklyn.  You can recognise them for their attention to style and designer clothes.

When we refer to “designer clothes”, we aren’t talking about Gucci (and friends).  We are talking about emerging fashion designers who are more likely to come from Germany and Sweden. We know – who would have thought the Germans to have good fashion sense.

These creatures are likely to be seen carrying expensive Macs and an X100T Fujifilm camera (at least something that looks like it). They typically work in co-working spaces like WeWorkThe Trampery, the Google Campus in East London or in the most casual of cases, an independent coffee shop or the lobby of one of the boutique hotels in Shoreditch, like ours (Leman Locke), Ace Hotel and / or The Hoxton.


With a driven attitude, this artistic tribe has voluntarily avoided the straight and narrow path to wealth through working as investment bankers or lawyers.  They have instead taken on a more creative means.  They believe that “more money is good but more creative money is better”.

They want to be rewarded for their creative and innovative ideas rather than for their contribution and loyalty to a long-standing traditional / hierarchal business.

Where does this creative tribe come from?

Well, do you remember the Yuppies?  Yes, the Yuppies. The “my credit is good and I’ve got private dental insurance” - the city young urban professionals that appeared back in the 80s with high-paying jobs and an affluent lifestyle.

Well, a blend between these guys and Hipsters is what forms the “Yuccies”.

So are the Hipsters facing extinction?  We don’t think so. We think, the “effortless cool” subculture that values independent thinking, progressive politics, art and creativity has evolved and decided they want to be successful (like the former Yuppies) while satisfying their creative passions.

So if you find yourself wearing a blazer and a pair of white sneakers from Common Projects, eating a quinoa salad or having an organic burger whilst reading the Financial Times and / or ordering a Nutribullet on Amazon Prime and simultaneously thinking about the new Unicorn Start-up…

You do the math.  You just might be a Yuccie.