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Thomas Ruff: Photographs 1979 – 2017

Date: 19 Dec 2017

Whitechapel Art Gallery has built on its reputation as a pioneering contemporary institution and is well remembered for premiering the talents of exhibitions by Jackson Pollock, Mark Rothko and Frida Kahlo among others.

Running until January 21st, our neighbours at Whitechapel Art Gallery will be hosting "Portraits", by Thomas Ruff. A German photographer who lives and works in Düsseldorf, Germany. He has been described as “a master of edited and reimagined images”.

"Portraits" asks audiences to examine the nature of photography itself, and how it affects the way we see the world.

The series includes portraits of large-scale, passport-style pictures of friends and peers. Ruff's photos aren't about emotion or psychology, rather a trade-off between the wondrous and the banal, the artful and the functional, characterises his work.

Suburbia, nudity, utopianism, catastrophe - some of the subjects that Thomas Ruff addresses in his photographic series, which for almost four decades have investigated the status of the image in contemporary culture.

Also on view are his most recent "press++" photographs, drawing on newspaper archives from the era of the space race and Hollywood starlets.

Thomas Ruff: Photographs 1979 - 2017

December 2017 21 January 2018

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