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Leman Locke Presents SPACE between by Enya BelakGupta

Date: 01 Mar 2018

In S P A C E between, Enya explores the idea of meeting a stranger through an intimate space without words, without seeing each other. Inspired by the photographic sequence Chance Encounter by Duane Michals.

05.03.2018 — 02.03.2018

Enya is London based filmmaker and artist. Her work reaches various artistic practices and disciplines which intertwine among each other. Enya graduated from Goldsmiths University of London with an MA in Directing Fiction films. The body becomes the main research focus of her work reflecting her background in contemporary dance and choreography.

Space between is a project she started developing during her studies. Her interest in the surrounding energy, details and relationships between beings encouraged her to present her intimate observations to the public.

Prior to the launch of the exhibition we met we Enya who talked us through her ideas on brief acquaintances and S P A C E between.

What was the inspiration behind SPACE between?

Out of my own curiosity I wanted to explore what happens when you meet a stranger, butwith a small twist - in silence, in darkness with eyes closed. With only the presence of their bodies and touch.

First photographic sequence, experiment I did was part of my MA studies at Goldsmiths University. I loved the experience and decided to make more experiments to observe different relationships. It is an amazing feeling to be able to witness and capture a journey of two beings, strangers in some very intimate and vulnerable moments.

What messaging can be interrupted from the series?

At first I was purely interested in the energy which indicates two beings. But it is much more than that. It is difficult to put it in words, but when you are in the space and you are not allowed to see or say anything to someone who might be a complete stranger to you, the communication through the energy, body and the movement you are creating becomes pure and honest. It is easy to say, I am fabulous when I am not, but the body can't hide the inner emotions. It is liberating when you don't have to judge or be judged and just exist in the moment, here and now.

How did you choose your subjects?

Social media, word of mouth, some were strangers to me, some were friends or brief acquaintances. Anyone who is interested in the experience, the journey of S P A C E between can get in touch with me. I will do more experiments in the future.

Could you give some background about how your approach to photography and who would be your inspirations?

I'd like to work in a space where there are no distinctions between different artistic practices. Photography is the medium that I chose to tell this particular story, but I am inspired by different artist working within different fields, such as film, contemporary dance, music and many others... I love capturing details. Although most work that I do in present time is more related to the film and moving image, I believe the photography is a foundation for creating it.