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Lockology. Locke’s top 10 Songs of August 2016

Date: 15 Aug 2016

1. Wicked Games 
Parra for Cuva ft. Anna Naklab


The once classical and jazz piano player Nicolas Dermuth, aka Parra for Cuva, is the creative producer behind one of the 2014’s most popular club anthems. The German artist was only 11 years old when he learned to play the piano.  Anna Naklab and “Parra for Cuva” grew up and performed together in the same town under the stage name Nianband. Naklab was the voice and played the guitar whilst Parra took over the piano. Wicked Games is in my top ten not only because it has been a huge YouTube house hit but it is one of those songs that gets me excitable every time I hear it.

2. Tenerife Sea
Ed Sheeran 


The Ketchup bottle tattooed Grammy Award winning Ed Sheeran has produced another hit. The 25-year-old Yorkshire ginger seems to be amongst the few that doesn’t regret dropping out of school at 16 and moving to London to pursue a career in music. Unlike the many one hit wonders that have preceded him, he just keeps releasing good stuff.  Tenerife Sea was inspired by a holiday brochure from Thomas Cook (not very romantic ha) but wait, the brochure was showing a blue sea which he thought vaguely resembled his girlfriend’s eyes – romance and cheesiness is in the eye of the holder.  I’ll defer to you the reader.  From time to time when I listen to this tune, I feel like stopping what I am doing and booking a flight to Spain to find a remote beach and re-enact Sheeran’s evocative words (…ideally with an Estela in my hand).

3. The Passenger 
Iggy Pop


Retro can be twee but timeless retro in my opinion should always be revered.  You know that summer is the time of year when we want to pack a sleeping bag, wellies, put our sunglasses on and drive. If you intend on short or long road trip, we have the perfect tune for you.
This 1977 tune was inspired by Iggy and Bowie’s road trips around North America and Europe (in Bowie’s car). Iggy didn’t have a driving license or car so he was limited to being the duo’s “passenger”.  I can only imagine what they must have gotten up to.  “Fly on the wall” doesn’t describe it.

4. Misty Moses 
Rodrigo y Gabriela 


Rodrigo met Gabriela at the age of 15 at the house of culture in Mexico City where Rodrigo’s brother was the director and Gabriela a drama student. The once boyfriend and girlfriend started playing together in Rodrigo’s heavy metal band called Tierra Acida (Acid Land) back in the 90s.

The Mexican duo moved to Europe almost 20 years ago and despite not speaking any English were determined to pursue their dreams by busking on the streets and eventually playing live gigs in Dublin.

Their music sounds unmistakably Spanish but their influences seep through from Rock to heavy metal. They fuse it together to create energetic, lively and often unpredictable acoustic melodies.


5. Beautiful Girl
Junge Junge ft Kyle Pearce


Who run the world? Girls (girls), Who run the world? Girls (girls), Who run this mother $%&? Girls.

Wrong lyrics - but if you are playing for the girl’s team, the “Beautiful Girls” song may make you feel that sense of pride and empowerment that the Beyoncé song does.

Rochus Grolle and Michael Noack are the producer duo behind Junge Junge. The right chemistry and several gigs together eventually evolved into why the DJs decided to join forces and create Junge Junge.

The singer-songwriter Kyle Pearce is from Sydney, Australia but is now based in Düsseldorf, Germany.

The acoustic blend and the pop vibe of “Beautiful Girl” featuring the Aussie singer, was the result of a spontaneous jam session during Helene Beach Festival in Germany in 2014.

6. You Make Me Feel Good
Satin Jackets


Another German duo, Satin Jackets make the kind of glossy, feel-good melody that sits between groovy nu-disco and Mediterranean beach deep house. 

The creator of Satin Jackets, Tim Bernhardt, functions as the invisible magic behind the scenes and out of the spotlight while his old friend and lead performer Den Ishu wears a geometric mask which he made himself and operates almost anonymously as a solo. The idea of wearing something glamorous with a retro touch when going out is what inspired Tim to call the team Satin Jackets (yep, not a huge story behind the name, but we still like their music).

You make me feel good” is the opening track from their debut album Panorama Pacific and already has over 2 million reproductions on SoundCloud.


7. Lies (Tourist Remix)


Lies” is one of the many great songs of Chvrches, the synthpop band from Glasgow. If this Ibiza-reminiscent clean beat doesn’t evoke you to move, nothing will.

The five-year-old band is formed by Lauren Maybarry, Iain Cook and Martin Doherty. They chose the name Chvrches, using a Roman "v" to avoid confusions with actual churches on internet searches. Surprisingly, no religious connotation, they just thought it sounded catchy.

Their first demo Lies was debuted on the Neon Gold blog in 2012 and it now has over 4.5M reproductions on Youtube.


8. Drop the Pressure


Ibiza, South of France or London, your summer location becomes irrelevant when you hear this classic. When hearing this song, it’s difficult to not flashback to 2004 – I am not going to ask what you were up to.

Scottish Myles Macinnes (Mylo)is the man behind our number 8. The artist has been off the grid for almost for 7 years but has just recently re-emerged from the dead to release a few tunes on YouTube.


9. Animal (Gryffin Remix)
Maroon 5


I typically wouldn’t pick something as mainstream as Maroon 5 but Gryffin’s remix gives this song an edge which makes it hard to ignore. 

The combination of the original song coupled with the melodic house rhythm created by Gryffin, the once classic music pianist and now NYC-based multi-instrumentalist and producer, makes this song a must if and when you need to listen to something just familiar enough to sing along but refreshing and edgy enough to get you going.   


10. Let’s Dance
David Bowie


One of Bowie’s fastest selling singles and top chart songs back in 1983.

This song was sampled in 15 songs, covered in 16 and remixed in 1 (catchy tune, don’t you think?)

We think including this nostalgic summer party tune by legendary British rock star in our Locke playlist is a mandatory. “Put on your red shoes and dance the blues” while listening to one of our favourite David Bowie’s songs.

You can find the song on our August playlist on Spotify. Staying at Locke? Why not invite some friends round to your boutique London hotel apartment, get these great tunes playing and enjoy a cosy night in catching up.