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A modern British take on the traditional 19th Century New York deli, from dawn to dusk expect a huge medley of tantalising culinary delights - from freshly baked bagels, beautiful salads, charcuterie and BBQ'd meats. Partnering with London bakery and grill Darby’s by Robin Gill, a shared appreciation for quality ingredients, cooking fresh and pouring love into every dish is evident.

Whatever you're fuelled by, this all-day St Pauls' restaurant will have something to tickle your senses - even if your tastes change as often as the seasonal menu.


Deli Cat & Sons partner with Coffee by Bedouin, who source raw beans with true mindfulness, environmental responsibility and care for the producer - whether an individual farmer, washing station or co-operative. Using advanced Probat roaster and cropster roasting technology, a rich and delicious range of coffee flavours and profiles is unlocked. Your morning caffeine hit will be one to remember.

This coffee shop near Millennium Bridge sits within Locke at Broken Wharf's social and co-working spaces, where vibrant chatter and scents of freshly ground coffee flow through the building, just as the river flows outside.


Rather stay in than dine out? You have a tonne of choice - from ordering a Deliveroo or cooking a Thai curry with just a little help from HelloFresh, to picking from the range of takeout options at Deli Cat & Sons downstairs.

If home cooking is your comfort, inside each London hotel suite is a built-in Smeg kitchen designed for ease of use. Rustle up a mid-week meal, or take inspiration from visionary chef Jeremy Charles in the cookbook provided and prepare a fine feast for friends. For the best in local produce, Borough Market is a short stroll away.